Who we are and what we exist for


The PAG HEALTH UNIT LIRA is a Faith-Based, Not-for-Profit, Health Centre IV situated in Lira Municipality / Northern Uganda.

The Health Unit Lira exists to alleviate suffering, improve and prolong well-being and to demonstrate practically God’s love for every boy and girl, for every man and woman in Northern Uganda.

The Health Unit provides medical help that is affordable by all who require it, irrespective of religion, ethnicity or social standing, with special emphasis on the poor and needy and children.

Four Major Departments

The PAG Health Unit Lira has Four Major Departments which offer the following services:

* Outpatient Services

* Inpatient Services (163 beds)

* Laboratory Services

* Emergency and elective surgery


A Brief Introduction to the PAG Health Unit Lira


The PAG Health Unit Lira is situated in Northern Uganda. It is located in Central Division within Lira Municipality in Lira District where it has been operating since February 1994.

Sociopolitical Situation

Northern Uganda has emerged from one of Africa’s most brutal conflicts. The conflict has caused tremendous setbacks in education, health care, food production, sanitation and infrastructure amongst others. The North is one of the poorest regions in Uganda today, and lags behind on all socio-economic indicators.

Our committment

Against this backdrop the PAG Health Unit Lira is committed to continue to provide dynamic quality health services especially to the poor and most vulnerable. As a guideline for its health services the Health Unit strives to implement the Government of Uganda’s Minimum Health Care Package amongst other health interventions.

Our uniqueness

The PAG Health Unit Lira is unique in many ways: It seeks to fulfill its purpose in offering quality health services to all, but with special emphasis on the poor and vulnerable. In all it does, the Health Unit seeks to glorify God.

UPMB Membership

The Health Unit is a member of UPMB (Uganda Protestant Medical Bureau) and is registered with MOH, Uganda.