The PAG Health Unit Lira offers the following services:

(1) Outpatient Services:

* Outpatient Department

* ART Clinic

* Ante- and Postnatal Care

* PMTCT Services

* Immunization Services (static and outreach sites)

* PHC Outreach Activities

(2) Inpatient Services (208 beds):

* Maternity Ward

* Female (medical and surgical) Ward

* Male (medical and surgical) Ward

* Paediatric Ward

* Therapeutic Feeding Centre

* Nursery

* Infectious Disease Ward

(3) Laboratory Services:

* Microbiology

* Parasitology

* Haematology including Blood Bank

* Clinical Chemistry

* Serology

* Hb Electrophoresis

(4) Diabetes Programme

The number of people suffering from Diabetes is on the rise in Uganda. And it is not only the elderly but also children and young people. Our youngest patient was diagnosed with Diabetes at the age of 18 months.

Most of the poorer people living with Diabetes are unable to purchase the vital medication needed for survival.

Our Health Unit seeks to provide free Insulin and Tablets to the most needy and vulnerable. This is only possible thanks to our faithful donors.

(5) Surgery

The Health Unit’s Operating Theatre performs emergency and elective surgery.

(6) Dental Department

(7) Imaging Department

The Health Unit’s Imaging Department offers Ultrasound and X-Ray Services.

(8) Spiritual Counselling

Each Sunday there is a church service for all patients and caretakers. Spiritual counselling is available for all in need of it.